At the forefront of patient’s outcome

Commitment for life symbolizes our continuous and constant commitment to improve the way in which health care is being carried out and equally our obligation to be responsible of the positive effect of our activities which by themselves contribute to the community as well as to the enhancement of quality of life in its entirety.


Markomed Ltd. is a company whose main business encompasses distribution, promotion and registration of medicinal products and medical devices in fields of anaesthesia and intensive care. Putting patients as our end users in focus of our day-to-day work, we always act on the market to recognize and find reliable partners for supply of medicinal products, medical equipment and devices in order to make possible to use and apply innovative, clinically justified equipment as well as to educate the health care professionals and provide device service.
Our mission is therefore to act as a bond between the progress in medicine and end users themselves so as to be able to ensure them the best possible health care.


Commitment – As immanent in our motto, we are deeply aware of the importance of commitment to our own work because it is conveyed to the patients themselves. Hence we strive to be constantly committed to the patients.

Quality – As young company with serious intentions, we have recognized the importance of implementing quality management system and of distributing only high quality products by world leading manufacturers, thus believing, without exception, in the excellence of treatment outcomes.

Responsibility – As our end users are mainly patients with life-threatening health condition, we have huge responsibility to deliver adequate quality product as soon as possible, and also educate health professionals about its advantages. For that reason we actively participate, organize and sponsor local and regional conferences as well as trainings led by eminent clinical experts and widely recognized lecturers; we work closely together with doctor, nursing and other organizations and individuals, and we issue an informative newsletter covering news from fields of implementation of new procedures and products.

Diversity – In order for us to be able to offer a complete quality range of products, we are continuously searching for new manufacturers who can answer our quest, i.e. demand of Croatian health care system, all being in accordance with the highest quality standards to which we are uncompromisingly committed.