Pajunk is a leading company for the regional anesthesia. In 1979 they patented the first atraumatic needle known as SPROTTE. Atraumatic needle does not cut tissue during the stab but it pushes the tissue aside. That way, atraumatic needle prevents the additional damage of the tissue during the stab. They can boast with their wide range of needles for regional anesthesia, which were carefully produced, combining traditional manufacturing methods with an advanced IT technology. In their portfolio it can be found everything for regional anesthesia, from needles for spinal and epidural anesthesia to needles for the plexus anesthesia, permanent regional anesthesia, TAP block, wound catheters and etc. It is special that these needles are perfectly visible by ultrasound. That is possible because needles have ”reflectors”, from which ultrasonic beams reflects better, making clearer view and therefore better surgical procedure.