Dedication – As our slogan states, we are deeply aware of the importance of being dedicated to one’s own work, since dedication is transferred to the patient. Therefore, we strive to be dedicated to patients every day.

Quality – Being a young company with serious intentions, we recognize the importance of introducing the quality system and distributing only high-quality products of world leading manufacturers in hope of a better treatment outcome.

Responsibility – Since the products we distribute are mainly intended for patients whose life is at risk, it is our great responsibility to deliver the right product as soon as possible and educate healthcare professionals about its benefits. This is why we actively participate in, organize and sponsor local and regional congresses, as well as trainings held by leading clinical experts and internationally acclaimed lecturers. We cooperate with medical, nursing and other organizations and individuals and publish a newsletter with information on implementing new procedures and products.

Diversity – In order to have  the fullest offer possible, we look for a variety of manufacturers who can meet the highest criteria of quality, safety, innovation and impact on patients’ outcome, that is, requirements of the Croatian health system, in accordance with our unquestioned dedication to high-quality standards.


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